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An intuitive photographer and designer.

Yvanne Teo

Photographer & Designer

Yvanne Teo


Finding the unseen quality,

revealing the true character of the subject


Digital SLR format is Yvanne's medium. She has been commissioned for portraits, landscapes and food stills, for both private and for commercial use. Her main interest area is in portraits, body forms and landscapes; finding the normally unseen quality from the subject. This can been seen from her early exhibitions which she has collated the images into photobooks, for links and further information please see the latest news on what is projects Yvanne is involved in.

With a preference in shooting with natural light, she prefers to leave images to express their authenticity rather than to 'enhance' them with post-processing tools. The nature of her photography allows Yvanne to work with many different collaborators both old and new.

To express your interest, contact her directly.

View a selection of images by Yvanne in her photography portfolio.


Much like her photography Yvanne as a designer uses her empathy & intuition to create the design that is right for and reflects the business of her clients. Most of her design work is based around bespoke website design and creation, and desktop publishing. With the client's interest in mind, the design aspect encompasses the brand image and marketing as part of the overall design consideration.

Some examples of her design work can be seen in her design portfolio.


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Photography Portfolio

Architecture portfolio|Yvanne Teo
Body Form portfolio|Yvanne Teo
Portraits portfolio|Yvanne Teo
Sport portfolio|Yvanne Teo
Stills portfolio|Yvanne Teo
Travel portfolio|Yvanne Teo
Nature portfolio|Yvanne Teo

Design Portfolio

Latest News

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Residence Yasushi|Yvanne Teo

Logo design, website design & build for a luxurious hotel in Nozawaonsen Japan, Residence Yasushi, a modern luxury Kakure-Yado.

Fear of the Forest website | Yvanne Teo

Redesign of website using WordPress for the band, Fear of the Forest, UK's leading Hammered Dulcimer Band.

Kate Arnold Music website|Yvanne Teo

WordPress based website for Musician, Kate Arnold. Dulcimist, Violinist, Volcalist & Composer.



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Best way to reach Yvanne is to drop her an email.

Based in London, Yvanne also travels extensively, so email her with your queries.

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