Paul Klee Exhibition at Tate Modern

Paul Klee Exhibition at the Tate Modern

Having had a Paul Klee poster for a long time I was very happy to hear that the Tate Modern was holding an exhibition of his, and even happier that I hold a membership of the Tate as I knew I would make several visits to the same Paul Klee exhibition.

For me, I feel that each visit is a different experience. On the practicality side, I am not fond of crowds so the ability to revisit an exhibition allows me to concentrate on different areas of the exhibition with each visit. My first at the Paul Klee exhibition, the crowds were immense and very hard to be able to appreciate his artwork except for those that most deemed uninteresting. This in itself is a plus, I could then concentrate on his “lesser known” works as the crowds crammed round the more famous works.

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