Dragon Boat Racing

dragon's head | dragon boat racing

This year’s Dragon Boat Racing was held at the London Regatta Centre on the River Thames not far from the Excel Centre opposite London City Airport. It was a fantastic day weather wise, we finally had summer in London! The sun was out, the wind was up so the apparent humidity and the temperature of 28 degrees was not really felt. The racing heats were well under way when I arrived late morning, and many stalls were out offering various Oriental food for sale for the public to sample.

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yveinlondon’s photostream

yveinlondon's flickr | Yvanne Teo

The new FlickR layout is looking good… will hopefully be uploading latest pics soon

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Self Portrait

mosaic of self portrait set on flickr

As part of reaching a significant year, I have asked a few close friends to take photographs of myself to see how they would view me. This is the result of the first part of many(?)! Is this how you see me? Have a look at my Flickr set: Self Portraits

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