The Feathered Nest – Country Pub & Restaurant in the Cotswolds

saddles as bar stools at the Feathered Nest

This was an unexpected treat. On visiting family in the Cotswolds to then have a family meal at The Feathered Nest Country Inn, in the village of Nether Westcote, Oxfordshire. We were a large party of 11 people, so it would be interesting how they would accommodate us. The decor in the pub/inn is eclectic, with some saddles as bar stools, a bit of taxidermy around, a bit pub like, a bit more restaurant like, cosy and yet slightly decadent.

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Sunset in the Rain

London Skyline at sunset in the Rain

A quick capture with my Olympus OM-D of yesterday’s sunset in the rain. I was looking for the rainbow and eventually realised it was on the other side of the house!

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